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H.A.R.T. Homeless Animal Rescue Team relies heavily on volunteers who are willing to foster rescue dogs in their homes until good homes can be found for them, or until they can be transported to another rescue. 

Fostering is a wonderful, rewarding experience, and we encourage anyone who is considering it to please contact us and try it out. 

There are short term fosters: a few days to a couple weeks. 
There are long term fosters: the dog stays with you until it is found a home. 

You choose the dogs that you foster. 

When you foster a dog, you bring that dog into your home, sometimes directly from the shelter. 
You offer that dog everything that it has been missing: a bath, some attention, and socialization. 
We ask that you monitor the dog's behavior: is it good with cats? Kids? Knows commands? Etc. 
We will put any of your information that you have about the dog on it's Petfinder ad, giving potential adopters much needed information about the dog. 

If you are willing to housebreak a puppy, it's chance for adoption improves TREMENDOUSLY. 

The rescue dog, being in a home setting, has a MUCH higher chance of being adopted! 

There is something SO rewarding about taking a rescue dog into your home, giving it some much needed love, and then watching it go to a perfect forever family where it will be loved and cared for. 



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Date Of Birth
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Are you willing to bring the dog to adopt-a-thons and other events? *
Do you understand that by fostering this dog, you agree to treat it as a member of your family, providing for its basic needs until a permanent home can be found? *
Once your application is approved, you will be asked to sign a Foster Home Release of Liability. Are you willing to sign this release?
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By hitting the submit button above you agree to all the terms.

I have agreed to give care and shelter to a rescued dog for a limited period. I understand that I am accepting this dog as my own, until a new home can be found. I also understand that H.A.R.T. may have no prior knowledge of the dog’s temperament, and I will therefore take all due care to protect myself and others who may come in contact with this animal. 

I will indemnify, defend, and hold H.A.R.T. harmless from damage to property, or harm to persons or other animals caused by this rescue animal. 

I also understand that H.A.R.T. will be responsible for all veterinary care necessary for this animal while it is in my care, only if prior authorization for any such care has been given by a member of H.A.R.T..